Asus all the way!

Full disclosure: I am not a tech reviewer nor am i an avid tech enthusiast. You may think that this would discount my qualification to offer you advice on your computing choice. But let me tell you, I have been in your shoes and and had felt similar apprehensions and dilemmas that you might be feeling right now. Eventually, after a lot of research and several first hand experiences I can effectively address your concerns without throwing a bunch of jargons on your face.

The technology world is an ever changing multi dimensional maze where you can get easily lost. The present state of technology is such that, the changes and inventions are happening at a much faster rate than the time it takes to learn about them.

In this situation, you need a solid technology ‘partner’ who can take care of your technology needs. I call them partners because you need to have a certain trust in those companies to provide you the optimum solution for your needs. Not everybody understands or care to understand about what is inside the hardware. Most people are like me, who just wants to have a superior performance from a sleek looking gadget.

Asus is my ‘Partner’

Five years ago, I had my first rendezvous with Asus, when I was in college. I was a semi gamer in college and spent lots of awesome hours in the world of counter strike and Dota. My gamer friends introduced me to Asus. At first I didn’t care much about it. This is because, I never heard of it before and the company was not from the ‘west’. Upon my friend’s insistence I bought an Asus graphics card for my PC and it was worth it. The price was way lower than its competitors and performance was better than I expected-that was the best deal.

Things I learned from that experience- First of all Taiwan is not China!, Taiwanese companies like Asus provide similar quality to their western rivals. Second is that sometimes in life one needs to travel on new paths to discover amazing experiences. From then onwards, I have become an Asus fan and have been recommending it’s products to others. Presently I am using Asus ZenFone 5 as my phone. Asus is now the number one motherboard seller in the world and 5th largest PC vendor in the world.

Why  ASUS EeeBook X205TA

These days, I am travelling a lot. But I need to stay connected to the online world on my journeys-at least for the sake of not missing more HHs on indiblogger! So I thought of buying myself a notebook. A notebook is not as bulky as a laptop but offers more functionalities than a phone or a tablet. As usual I went to see what Asus was offering in this category. This week Asus launched in India it’s hugely succesful EeeBook X205TA which got rave reviews. Asus has been the pioneer of notebook and my favourite computing ”partner’, however there are many other cool features for why I would be buying EeeBook X205TA.

  • At 11.6-inch screen, it is perfect to carry around and not too bulky. This lets me use it while travelling in trains or in buses
  • And it is priced at just Rs 14,999, which I think is a steal!
  • It comes with windows 8.1 preloaded. And with Microsoft announcing two days back that all windows 8.1 users will be upgraded to windows 10 for free, it turned out to be an added bonus.
  • Also it weighs less than 1kg which is less than Apple’s MacBook Air. Which again is an advantage for travellers.
  • If you are still not convinced, consider this, it offers 12 hours of straight batter backup! With our railways still not able to provide proper power supply to connect our mobile devices, this battery backup is essential for work and entertainment.

These are the reasons for why I am going for Asus EeeBook X205TA and so should you. And check out their other new release ASUS All In One PC ET2040.


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