Love for introverts

Ah! the most dreadful day of the year-valentine’s day is upon us. For introverts like me it is indeed a dreadful day. It is the time of the year, our friends are falling head over heels in ‘love’, while we are left to stew in our own loneliness. This is because of many reasons, Some of us are shy and some of us are waiting for the right person. Usually this solitude is the most valuable thing in the world for us. But there are some days especially valentine’s day when you feel a little bit left out and not a big fan of loneliness!

Introverts are more introspective and analytical than others. They are not as impulsive and their expression of love is not as outward and dramatic as extroverts. This leaves them with self doubt when it comes to proposals. Also they are not very forthcoming in striking a conversation with strangers. These factors combined with their nature to open up to only a select few(but form lifelong bonds with them) makes it difficult to find a valentine.

But this is no time to feel sorry for ourselves for being who we are. Here are some tips to have a nice valentine’s day from a fellow comrade!

  • Lets accept the fact that, by “normal” standards, we may seem a little bit weird sometimes. So choose a partner who can understand you and can accept all your quirks and especially our need for ‘alone-time’.
  • There is no formula for a perfect match, but it is better not to choose a partner who is hyper extrovert and wants to go out and experience new things all the time. This will drain your energies quickly and makes you overwhelmed by the overload of external stimulations.
  • If you have already decided to propose to a person(proposing in India refers to expressing love to your partner for the first time), that means you are not fooling around but see a long term future with them. This is our biggest advantage as people whom we are proposing knows this fact about us and so have more reasons to accepting it.
  • Be yourself, propose in a peaceful and quiet place where you both are centre of each other’s attention.
  • If the other person you are proposing to is an extrovert, you may move out of your comfort zone, at least for this day to make them feel special. They will understand your efforts and you will surely be rewarded.
  • if your crush is also an introvert, then you can do something which you both enjoy. For example, take her/him for a stroll on the beach sands and just simply ‘say the words’ while the sunset is setting in the background.



“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

– Rumi

This blog post is part of Coseup’s  Cupid games.


5 thoughts on “Love for introverts”

  1. Very true. I think that relationships between introverts and extroverts can be very rewarding but it takes a lot of work and the two may not always be on the same page. I think that especially for introverts finding an introvert partner is very important. It just makes the dynamics more comfortable, safe, and deeply rooted. Great post.

    1. I am glad you resonated with the post Joseph. Finding an understanding partner is very important in any relationship. I feel it takes an introvert to truly understand another introvert.

    1. Dr Shinde don’t you think that, such perception is true to some extent. I find many extroverts shallow- not that i am hating them. It just that we are unique and we do think deeply!

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