Pimples-the ‘Joker’ of my life

Pimples- so we meet again through this blog post, but this time to tell the story of our eternal fight with each other. What a sly misdirection your name is-pimples, it sounds like a cute name of a pet. Only those who faced the wrath of your curse knows your real face and what you can do to our faces.

I had my first encounter with the super villain on the morning of my 13th birthday. The face that was looking at me in the mirror terrified me. There it was sitting smugly on my left cheek looking red and ugly. Underestimating the enemy I used the crude technique of pinching it out of existence. That was a grave mistake. Enraged by my arrogance and aided by my ignorance, it struck back the next day with vengeance spreading to more areas. Little did I know that it was just a warning, it was like the Joker giving a dramatic entrance to announce his arrival in to Gotham city before starting to wreak it.

Gradually its brutality increased, occupying every inch of territory on my face. I was losing the battle. The ignominy that I faced due to it is very painful to recollect. The naivety of my age did not learn from my first encounter, I tried to pinch them out, oozing the puss out of the pores, leaving many ugly scars on my face.

I grew long hair on top of my scalp to hide the pimples and scars on my forehead. Whenever I used to go out, I wore a head cap to hide my face! It’s biggest casualty was my self confidence which led to acute feelings of being judged all the time. I thought of pimples as the Joker to my Batman or the Lex Luther to my superman.

What a cruel joke, God plays with teenagers! At a time when teenagers are faced with challenges of forming an accurate body image and a stable identity, He covers them with ugly sores. This adds to the confusion and self hatred that they are already subjected to. I wonder if God was ever a teenager. If he was, he would have know their travails and relieved them of their pain.

I began to understand the strength of my nemesis and began to employ more sophisticated tricks and weapons. I followed a rigorous diet which meant forgoing many of my favourite food items(the hardest one was Gulab Jamuns!). I applied many face creams and used many Kitchen creams(those suggested by my grandma). You cannot comprehend the dilemma that an young horny teenager must have felt when he “heard” that m@stur@bat$on causes pimples! But none seemed to work in front of this formidable enemy(I even developed a little respect for it’s tenacity).

But as in every good story, the reign of the villain came to an end eventually and here too, I had the last laugh. After many trail and errors, I finally found the antidote.

My friend worried about my obsession with pimples took me to a mysterious old woman. She was a palm reader, an Ayurveda expert and a life coach all rolled into one. Even as my friend explained my problem to her, I had my doubt’s that she was just another ‘wrong number‘. Then she asked her assistant to bring her some Ayurvedic herbs- at least that’s what I thought when I heard her asking the assistant to bring ‘Garanara Vepa‘. In the mean time she saw my palm and just said ‘Every thing is going to be back to how it was‘. Then the assistant brought something unexpected-a tube and when the old lady handed it to me I read the words ‘Garnier Neem face wash’ on it with astonishment. Later I understood what she said earlier when I recollected that Vepa in Telugu means Neem and that she had indianized Garnier! She smiled looking at me and said that what I need is not the help of stars or Gods but that of Garnier!


My super villain finally met its match. Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash was just what I was looking for. It is most helpful to people with pimple prone skin. My new weapon is a mix of both artificial and Kitchen creams. It is made up of natural ingredients like Neem Leaf Extract and Tea Tree oil. It goes to the root of the problem by attacking the germs, cleaning deep pores to remove impurities caused by pollution and lastly washes away excess oil which can attract dirt, germs and bacteria. This effectively destroys the environment in which pimples thrive. Gradually they started to recede from my skin leaving behind smooth and clear skin underneath, and smiles and confidence began to return.


Now as I come to think of it, Garnier is the Batman in the story and I James Gordon the police commissioner of Gotham city giving bat-signal whenever the Joker(pimples) visits again to deface the ‘city’.

Have a visit to the Wayne Manor here and the cave under the manor here.

*Heavily borrowed from experiences of millions of teens across the world, I just sprinkled some creativity.


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