My first Indimeet experience

I went to my first indimeet all the way from vishakapatnam and it was worth every kilometer that I had to travel to reach the meet-1009 kilometers to be precise(sorry but I think I earned the right to boast a little about it). The meet was conducted by indiblogger along with Asus as part of the digital marketing campaign for the launch of new Asus products- a lappy and a PC about which the invitees had written some awesome articles.

Pick of the experiences for me are:

  • I made a load of new friends and met awesome bloggers. Till yesterday, we knew and admired only their words but meeting all our favorite and fellow bloggers at the same time was a great and a rare experience
  • I thought 150 strangers meeting for the first time would be a bit uncomfortable or awkward. But it turned out to be a crazy awesome evening. May be the love for writing which was common to all the bloggers bonded us and we had a lot to talk about.
  • The comradeship was further enhanced by the unique contests conducted by indiblogger organizers/Gurus. The last contest where we were divided in to teams and were given a task-to enact an advertisement to promote blogging was not only a lot of fun but within a few minutes in to the contest, a sense of ‘fraternity’ was developed among the team mates. Our group was given the theme of old ‘Hindi films’ and we pieced together some memorable dialogues from movies like Sholay. The advertisement involved a dialogue between Gabbar Singh who mocks bloggers and how a blogger engages and wins the argument all of which is done by using only film dialogues. The fact that we came up with this within 20 odd minutes is a testimony to the creativity levels of bloggers who assembled there.
  • I had encountered a great irony of life that day. I had lunch for Rs 20 at a road side eatery-they gave two soft and sufficiently round chapatis with a heavily masalalised curry. And at dinner i was having a Rs 2000 per plate meal at ITC Gardenia for free(though my blog earned it!), this irony of life did not miss me as i was having the delicious dinner-thanks indiblogger- Annadhata Sukhibhava!
  • I also won the twitter feed contest for which i received Rs1000 voucher. My tweet was-‘thanks Asus and indiblogger for giving me a reason to get out of my sweatpants!’  I think they awarded me out of pity lol or for my honesty! As i am a civil service aspirant, i had to forgo a lot of social engagements during the last 2 years and i was thanking them for conducting the meet after my exams-though coincidentally and i could attend it.
  • Last but not the least, the host Anup was hilarious and armed with wit to the teeth. He made the evening more memorable.

May the blogging tribe thrive and long live indiblogger, for you are making the lives of thousands of bloggers of the country more engaging and lively!


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