Buying and selling just got Quikr!kr

I have been an active user of Quikr since they pioneered a new revolution in the classifieds market. Using the tools of information technology and mobile technology they have made it easier for buyers and sellers to find each other by creating a great platform to do business.

Recently they have introduced a new feature in their service called Quikr nxt which makes communication between buyers and sellers better than ever. It is basically a chat messenger through which parties can chat with each other over internet. This offers many exciting advantages.

Source: Quikr

For me the greatest advantages that Quikr nxt offers are:

  • No phone call charges. Especially when i am in roaming and a buyer contacts me, it costs a lot of money. With Quikr chat, the communication charges are significantly lower as data rates are falling rapidly.
  • Lets face a fact here: We are more comfortable chatting to a stranger than directly talking with them on the phone. I think we feel less judged when we are typing, as we are less exposed-we do not have to worry about our voice, language etc. There are no uncomfortable pauses or the need for ice breakers.
  •  Quikr is a pan India phenomenon, so people from all over the country with various languages and accents are contacting with each other and doing business. Chatting resolves the problem of not understanding accents of other person and some how we have more tolerance for grammar mistakes when it is done through informal chatting!
  • Mostly when we contact the buyer or seller, we seldom do that with a clear mind by having written down all our queries and doubts before calling. This makes us miss asking some vital questions. But in chatting, as it involves writing, we can first gather all our thoughts and questions about the product and then can frame them in an efficient manner without missing anything out.
  •  And even if we need more clarity after initial communication, we can get them clarified immediately through Nxt. This is because chatting takes less attention space of someone and so unlike phone calls, every message will most probably be replied immediately.
  • It allows us to chat with multiple parties at the same time. This gives us bargaining leverage as it facilitates a more dynamic price discovery process.
  • Another most important feature of Nxt that makes talking to strangers more comfortable is it keeps our phone number private. This is especially beneficial to women buyers and sellers.
  • All the communication that happens in the chat is stored by Quikr. This has many advantages. The proof of agreed upon terms is stored in written form now. Also the information that we sought is already embedded in the stored communication so we do not need to write that information down some where else. And also, it is stored on cloud, so it can be accessed from any where.
  • Last but not the least, Quikr Nxt allows us to share as many pictures as we want in real time. Buyers seek to have as much information and a clear picture of what they are buying before deciding on a purchase. So we can send them as many pictures in as many angles and position as they request us to send, then and there it self by clicking pictures on the phone and immediately uploading it through the Quikr app.

Quikr is constantly innovating its services to offer better business experience to its users. The act of buying and selling will only get better and easier with the addition of this new feature.

So what are you waiting for, download the updated app of Quikr and start selling and buying quicker than ever before!


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