Valentines day and my phone

Unconditional love is one of the most treasured, but also one of the rarest thing in the world. Unconditional love is accepting others as they are without attaching any ‘strings’ as conditions for loving them. As the world is becoming more and more materialistic, people’s thinking is being influenced by their attachment to material things and so are becoming bereft of emoting unconditional love. Also as life has become so fast paced, people simply do not have time to invest in long term relationships.


Last year I saw the movie Her directed by Spike Jonze. Brilliantly played by Joaquin Phoenix as the protagonist, it tells the story of a person falling in love with an Operating system in a futuristic world. I was reminded of this movie again after seeing Asus’s #unconditionalLove campaign in one of Indiblogger’s Happyhours, for their new release Asus Zenfone. We have all been in love with out first bicycle or with our favorite toys as a kid , so why not with an OS or a phone? And if that phone is as awesome as Asus Zenfone there are more than one reason to fall in love with! Or in Her’s case, if that OS has the voice of Scarlett Johansson and makes you laugh and provides emotional support then there are a million reasons to fall in love with it!

Here are five reasons i think Asus Zenfone provides unconditional love and is an ideal valentine

  1. You do not have to worry about Bajrang Dal’s moral policing: You can carry your valentine to any where you want without worrying about the saffron brigades pouncing on you. They can’t pressure you to tie the knot around your phone!
  2. You know what you are going to get: Often you do not know what to expect from your date and they may turn out to be total losers. But Asus walks the talk with thier latest release. The phone possess all the features that it promises to provide and it has much more. And it does not disappoint you.
  3. It keeps it real: It possess a great 2MP primary camera. And when ever i need a compliment, i just have to click a selfie and it reflects exactly how i look without unnecessary flattery.
  4. It gives me suggestions: It is a great friend and adviser too. It promptly reminds me of my notifications. It reminds of my calendar events, gives updates about weather and even about traffic! Through it, i can access the information on  the internet from any where.
  5. It doesn’t feel jealous: It does not become upset if I talk to other girls in front of it or through it! In fact it makes a great ‘Wingman’ as it is a Chick-magnet and women appreciate their men flaunting their latest gadgets.

All being said, Asus Zenfone is an awesome phone, offering great value for money. It has also got great technical reviews, you can find gsmarena review here.


You can buy your own Asus Zenfone from here.

P.s: I admit it, this was a bizzare blog post to read and write. But hey you do whatever you need to do to win the HH! However this post reminded me about the questions I keep visiting often- precisely about relations between humans and their mutations.


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