Life unchained

Everybody dreams, but people differ in when they dream and what they dream about. Many people dream at night when they are fast asleep, but only achievers dream when they are wide awake.

There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why… I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? – Robert Kennedy

Dreams provides hope of a better future. They give a direction to life. Without them life is like a unfastened kite hurling through a hurricane night. All dreams might not come true but it is important that we keep having them. Due to many constraints that we encounter in life, we may not achieve the goals and dreams that we once held dear. But those who do achieve or realize them, enjoy the ultimate bliss in life

These dreams and aspirations are written on a hypothetical bucket which we ‘kick’ when death comes knocking on our door. I hope to cross off as many items on that list as I can and may be add some more as my life is too young to be dictated by a fixed list!


Here goes the top 5 things on my bucket list:

  1. Make a difference: Mortality is inevitable, but people who make a difference in the lives of others live even after their death. Our life’s worth is measured by how many people remember us when we are gone(even if they are our family members). If I could make the lives of at least 5 people better, i would be a satisfied person.
  2. Learn: Curiosity is a natural urge for all. But some how as we grow up, we bury that passion and so life becomes stale. I hope to keep that desire to learn and experience new things all my life.
  3. Write a book: Writing gives me immense joy. I feel that, only when i am writing do i completely express myself without any inhibitions. I experience utmost freedom while writing. I hope to carry this passion forward by writing a book and get it published and write some more!
  4. Learn a music instrument: Music had been a constant companion for me since i started to appreciate its sweetness. I broke my music cherry after listening to Ar Rahman’s music in mid 90s. He has been a great personal inspiration all my life. There is one regret I had always harbored. I never got a chance to learn any music instrument myself. I hope to remedy it one day.
  5. Gain fitness: I have always been a little over weight. I don’t dream of having a model’s body with six-pack abs but wish to maintain a more healthy body mass index. After gaining fitness i hope to achieve other things on my list: run a marathon, climb a mountain and wear a regular fit T-shirt!

It is very useful for all of us to have a bucket list in life. It makes our life more organized as it helps us to prioritize our goals.

Secure dreams with Life Insurance

Why do most people fail to achieve their dreams?
People get bogged down by life’s demands and its limitations, so they end up forgetting their dreams. Even those who still have that flame of desire become risk averse and end up engulfed by the fear of failure. Dreams by nature are bold, novel and involve a fait amount of risk. Only those dreamers who are courageous enough to venture in to the unknown, only those who are willing to risk it all and only those who have unlimited perseverance will ultimately achieve their dreams.

Taking life Insurance liberates people from these worries to some extent. They would feel more secure to take risks once they are confident about their future. Most people worry about the adverse effects that their death might cause to their immediate family, this is the main reason they choose stability and security in life over pursuing their dreams. But after talking life insurance, you would be securing your family’s future and so can pursue your personal dreams and aspirations.

Take a look at this awesome video of IDBI life insurance that rightly captures the spirit of the article.


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