Baby sleep

When Bombay Jayashri became the first carnatic singer to be nominated for an  Academy Award for Best Original Song the country rejoiced for her recognition. She was nominated for her song Pi’s Lullaby in the oscar winning movie Life of Pi. She wrote in her blog that the inspiration for the song came from director Ang Lee’s conceptualization of a mother’s lullaby to her child. The song was designed to evoke a sense of safety in the child. Her exact words being, “A child sleeps not because he is sleepy, but because he feels safe”.


Babies spend majority of their time sleeping. Medical experts say that comfortable sleep for a baby is the most important factor in determining its physical and mental growth. The optimum body growth requires maximum energy to be spent on building the body which can happen only during sleep. Psychologists say that, as the baby’s sensory organs are not fully developed, they get under-whelming sensation when they are awake. In order to compensate for this, babies need to spend more time dreaming which provides enough visual and other sensory stimulations needed for good mental growth.


By understanding this importance of sleep for a baby, we need to make it’s sleep as comfortable and as undisturbed as possible. But babies are not always willing sleepers and a little discomfort can ruin their sleep. In the good old days, mothers used to employ the technique of singing lullabies to make their baby sleep. As Bombay Jayashri puts it, the lullaby makes the baby feel safe and secure. They are made to feel protected from all the dangers and creates a trust to sleep without a care in the world.

Babies are not yet toilet trained nor do they have control over their bladders. In their uninhibited and uninterrupted sleep, most babies relieve themselves in the bed itself. When they do so, the wetness and the bad smell of it, creates discomfort and disturbs the sleep of the baby.  The aftermath cleaning up work takes a lot of time of the mother, which she could have used for some other things and may distract her from attending to her baby’s other needs as well. Mothers should also make sure to use the right kind of diaper for their baby. This is because, diapers which do not absorb the liquid properly leaves the diaper area wet. This causes rashes on the baby’s skin and the baby feels very uncomfortable making it cry incessantly.

So, apart from following other bed time rituals like singing a lullaby to make the baby feel comfortable and safe, it is very important to use a reliable and comfortable diaper.

The well know baby diaper maker Pampers has launched a new range called ‘Baby dry-pants’. Pampers says that, “While other diapers only focus on keeping dry on the outside, the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants promises dryness on the inside too”. This protects your baby from getting rashes and by keeping the diaper dry, it ensures that your baby has a safe and comfortable sleep and wakes up healthy and happy.

You can learn more about it from here: Pampers Baby Dry Pants 


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