A shot at being Vishvakarman

This post won me my first win in a contest(though won many IB HH’s). Thanks Blogadda & India Today.



Who has not dreamed of a better life for themselves? Well, we all do it, all the time.

It’s 9 o’Clock in the morning and i have already wished I was more fitter,  wished India had not lost that terrible 2007 world cup final and imagined my moto G turning in to an iphone 6!

Blogadda gave me a reason to dream of a better life not only for me, but for all of us. I would gladly be the modern Vishvakarman rebuilding the world of everybody’s dreams.

There is lot to think about, work about and build around, so let’s get started!

First of all, I am gonna change the physical laws. I mean what’s up with the gravity on earth, i prefer it to be like on the moon where you are just 1/6th of your weight on earth. I will lower the rocker of ‘g’ down to about 4 m/s. That would be such fun-we could jump higher(think about how awesome basketball would be) and run faster(everybody get ready with your Flash costumes). As an added bonus, Rajinikanth fight sequences would suddenly become “realistic”.

Coming to Dharmic laws, the concept of Karma is simple and just. It is best explained by Justin Timberlake as ‘what goes around, comes around’. But the ‘proof’ of what comes around is speculative at best and the specific punishment/rewards for specific actions are not strictly coded. In my world, Karma will come ‘around’ in this life itself and every one who comes of age will get the memo about the codified law that I would design consulting the ‘Manus’ of the world.

I strongly believe that every creature in the world has certain rights. But man has became arrogant and selfish. He declared himself, lord of the earth and every tree, animal and bird is subjugated under him. In my world, I would give more intelligence and the ability of language to all creatures through which they can fight for their own rights and this might force Man’s self-image of ‘exceptional-ism’ to change.

Then we come to how people govern themselves. Democracy is the best political system that man had developed. But there is always something better than the best. There needs to be some tweaking to be done to it. A rough sketch on how my democracy would look like- there would be ranking for all people which takes in to account their intelligence, their integrity, their past criminal record and their leadership qualities, only people above a minimum rank would be allowed to participate. Also, not every one would be allowed to vote, voting rights should be earned. They need to be above a minimum rating to earn that right. I mean do we really need a child-rapist to have a say in who should become our leader.

I know that food is one of the nicest thing in life. But you know what is more awesome, having food that we have earned by working hard and performed to our potential. I would not take away that precious pleasure from people. So there is no such thing as a free meal in my world too, however, every hard worker will find the means to put food on their dinner table. But of course there would to be a minimum safety net, which takes care of the most unfortunate.

The most prominent modern moral philosopher John Rawls gave two important principles which equates ‘justice with fairness’. As I intend my world to be a just world, i will employ these principles of John Rawls. Every person of all genders, castes, religions, regions will have ‘basic’ liberties including political rights, freedom of speech, liberty of faith, property rights etc. And next, inequalities are inevitable whether physical, social or economical. These are not removed in my world, but are managed by some conditions. Only those inequalities are allowed which will bring the greatest benefit to the least-advantaged members of society. Even if there are inequalities they should not be permanent, every body would be given basic equal opportunities.

I would provide these basic equal opportunities in the form of providing free education, free health and by removing all the arbitrary barriers for employment or starting a business.

For far too long, men had too much power over women. I intend to change that. In my world, women would have more physical strength and men would possess more empathy and decency. Women and men would have equal rights as they have equal role in creation.

I believe that truth always lies in grey areas and the seeing the world in black and white lens is always dangerous. People striving for ideological purity always end up becoming extremists doing barbarous things. In my world, there would be a cap on how extreme your ideas and actions could go. There would be an intellectual environment where any idea is not beyond the limits of mature debate. Be it gender rights or religion, dogmatic thinking would be banned.

Folks, consider this as my manifesto and when the election for ‘President of the World’ happens, you know whom to vote!

Alas! the blog post comes to an end, but I will continue to dream. Snap back to reality, Oh there goes gravity!

And another thing- I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15. In my world, i would change the rules of Blogadda contests, to not force us to include this line!


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