Keeping Aanya happy

Two years ago my Cousin who lives in California USA, visited India. She brought her one year daughter, Aanya along with her. Annya was as cute as a button. Everyone who visited the home wanted to cuddle and pamper her. As it was Aanya’s first trip to India, her immunity was not as strong as those born here and she was not yet vaccinated. Also Aanya was very sneaky, she had already learned walking and was always bursting with energy, so she could not stay still.  Being a doctor and a mother, my cousin was worried about Aanya’s health.

I volunteered to be Aanya’s bodyguard(!) against the germs and her own mischievous behavior.  Aanya was not a difficult child, i was first worried that she may act stubborn and may not want to leave her mother’s side in this strange new place. But i was wrong. From the first movement i held the baby in my hands, we got along pretty well. Probably I reminded her of her father who stayed back in US. Being the apple of our eyes, everyone in the family wanted her to a happy baby all the time.

I used all kind of baby tricks to keep her in good spirits. I used to play peak-a-boo with her, i invented a new kind of peak-a-boo though: instead of closing my face with my hands I used to close Aanya’s eyes with my hands. The sudden darkness and the thrill of seeing the light again in a rapid manner thrilled her. The one thing that made her the most happy was watching street dogs, just one look at them and she used to forget about every thing else-no crying, no running just staring at them with those big eyes.

But after a few days, she started crying incessantly. We did every thing we could to stop her crying and make her happy. I used up every trick up my sleeve but to no vain. After all our efforts got exhausted, we thought she must have contracted some disease-this was dreadful for me as I was one the one who promised to take care of her. We took her to see a doctor, she examined the baby and told us that it was rashes on her back which is causing irritation to the baby. We were relieved to hear that it was just rashes. The doctor asked us not to drape Aanya with a diaper for some days till the rashes get healed. After that, she asked us to use Pamper’s diapers. Pampers diapers are unique in that they keep the insides of the diaper dry as well. This helps in preventing rashes from occurring and keeps your baby healthy and happy.

Thank you pampers for helping me, and making Aanya’s visit to India memorable for us and safe & comfortable for her.

Aanya was as happy as this baby in this video:


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