A day to remember by #together

Accidents might crush our bones and damage us physically, but only a profound failure has the might to crush our soul and make us mentally decapitated. Our body can recover from the accident by visiting the hospital, but there is no hospital to help us recover from the mental trauma that we experience from failure. At such times, our home becomes the hospital and our loved ones including the little ones and even the pets plays the role of doctor healing us without even realizing it. The medicine is of course their unconditional love, which reinvigorates us from the inside.

Recently, a friend of mine started playing the game of speculation on the stock market and started investing in it heavily with out even having a speck of knowledge about the financial market. Initially the beginner’s luck seemed to have worked in his favor, his initial investment earned him double the amount in just 6 months of time. This incentivised him to invest more and he even began to start studying the various investment strategies spending thousands of rupees on ‘special classes’ and ‘secret formulas’. His returns soon reached a state of plateau, with this he started investing more, taking greater risks and spending more time ‘educating’ himself about the inner working of the stock market. Then the big crash occurred-wiping out over 400 points in Sensex, it was the largest value that the stock market had collectively lost in a single day ever. Playing in the secondary market of the stock exchange is never a safe investment, at the surface the investors only has an illusion of gaining for a brief period, but in long term stock markets are there to make the stock brokers rich. My friend had all his savings wiped out in the Tsunami like crash and inundated him with millions of debt, leaving him high and dry.

He saw all his dreams and aspirations tearing apart, he thought of his family who were depended on him, he dreaded the ignominy that he is about to face in the society, this was his profound failure that crushed his soul. He thought of all the stupid things he had done in his life- this made him more depressed and decided to do one more stupid thing that would end all this pain. He decided to go to his home for the last time spend his last evening with them joyfully, for many months he was neglecting his family as he was busy with the stock market. He bought new toys for his daughter and a new sari for his wife with whatever little money he was left with.

The family spent the evening together, they had a nice home cooked meal and he spent the time with them like there was no tomorrow and kissed his daughter and wife good night. As planned, he got up in the middle of the night, scrambled on to his sleeping pills with a glass of water in his hand and began to take one pill at a time. With each pill, he started to back track his memories from the day he heard about that guy who made millions investing in the stock market-he would have strangled that guy to death if he was present there. After the fifth pill, his mind got numb, his pain began to come down gradually and a little buzz even gave him a faint smile on his lips. After the twelfth pill, he thought of the last day of his life. He tried to remember the laugh of his beautiful & caring wife, he chuckled at the memory of the spark that he saw in the eyes of his daughter when she saw her new toy and he had a tear in his eye when he remembered the excitement he heard in his parents voice when he called them that evening. These emotions over whelmed him and prompted him to stop taking the pills. The love his family gave to him that day, was overpowering the feelings of self-hatred and humiliation he felt that morning and reminded him of all the good things that he would be missing. He began to re-evaluate his decision and felt disgusted by his cowardly response to failure. He then crashed on the bed, trying to reach his wife.

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He woke up to find himself on a white bed, in a strange place next to a heart monitor which startled him. The ECG graph was going up and down feverishly reflecting his heart’s rate of pulse. It reminded him of the stock market indices which moved in a similar fashion before the crash. He chuckled at the irony of it, and remembered some one once saying that life is just like the ECG graph- life should have its share of intermittent ups and downs, just a static line without much happening would mean death! A white clothed person, probably a nurse he thought, rushed to his side when she saw him moving, the first thing he asked her was to see his family…

P.S: Housing.com is an Indian startup company helping people take their ‘big step’ of owning an house and staying #together. I find their enthusiasm engaging, hope they succeed in helping millions of Indians achieve their dream of owning a house of their dreams.


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