Why I #ChooseToStart with the new Moto E

Pope Francis is almost right, when he says that income inequality is the most pressing problem of our age. But to that, he must also add digital inequality. In fact, as The New York Times reports, in many cases, digital inequality is leading to economic inequality in the real world. With economies becoming more digital based, economic inequality is rising as many people are falling through the cracks. Smart affordable technological solutions like Moto E are throwing ropes to the digitally challenged people to climb up to the digital plane.

The three main reasons for digital inequality are: People cannot afford IT tools and internet, People do not have access to them and People do not have the minimum skills to take advantage of the digital world.

Moto E bridges digital inequality by addressing these three issues!

1. Moto E brings the best of smart phone technology to people at unbelievably low prices. For just Rs 6999, it almost feels like a steal. Google provides the latest version of stock android(Lollipop) to Moto E and promises to give free update to next android versions as well. It has a very premium feel and the back panel do not feel plasticky like other smartphones at that price range. In fact, Motorola maintains similar ergonomics in all its phones including the Moto G, Moto X and now Moto Turbo with little changes.


2. Even as India is known as the IT back office of the world, many towns leave alone villages in India, do not have access to reliable broadband internet connectivity. Having a presence and access to internet makes a world of difference to peoples’ lives. Identifying the huge disparity in advantage between internet haves and have-nots, many people are even calling for the declaration of right to internet as a fundamental right. Moto E’s smart technology allows people to access 2G/3G internet network through their phones. With the telecom networks penetrating in to remotest parts of the country, and with 3G tariffs falling down rapidly, people will finally have access to internet. But many people do not have the resources to buy themselves a PC or a laptop, those people can use the vastly affordable Moto E to gain access to the world of internet and take advantage of the new opportunities.


Yesterday I was on the phone with a friend whose place I wanted to visit from a long time. I was joking about what kind of luxuries I could expect as a guest. But I was concerned with only one thing- does he have WiFi at his house? Roti Kapda Makaan Aur WiFi should be the slogan of the political party which I would like to vote for. Such is the importance of internet in our lives that we cannot think of life without it. Moto E is helping bring internet access in to the hands of millions who were till now digitally handicapped. Access to internet is makes people empowered by expanding their access to information and give them resources to help themselves.

3. My father in the year 2015, still thinks that computers and internet have no use for him. He still uses non-smart phones and prefers his apples and blackberries to be fruit rather than gadgets. People like my father are not born with the silver-phone, if you will. Though he has an LLB degree, he is a digital illiterate. Such people who can afford and have access to digital world but choose not to take advantage of it, because of unfamiliarity and fear of unknown also come under digitally handicapped.

Moto E can also help us with this problem. Moto E comes loaded with Lollipop version of android, it is one of the most simplest and intuitive mobile operating system. It has a LCD touch screen and just a handful of buttons, this makes it very easy to learn. Also Moto E has a Moto assist which greatly enhances user experience making learning to use the device a joy. I am confident that, with a tad bit of persistence and some patient guidance by others, people like my dad would in no time master using the Moto E. Once my dad realises how easy and fun his life becomes after using Moto E, he would be like…


I had been in the sub club of ‘digital have-nots’ by not having a smart-phone till recently. The reasons are not hard to find. Until a few years back, genuine smart phones were not particularly affordable, for a ‘middle-class’ person. According to my parents, phones are for only talking purpose, spending more than Rs 10,000 for a mobile phone would inevitably follow lectures which includes typical Indian ridiculous lines such as ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’!

Then Moto E arrived to the market with a price tag that I could comfortably afford. By this time there were many other sub 10k price range smart mobile phones available. Why did I choose Moto E out of them?

Apart from the three main reasons mentioned above namely affordability, accessibility and easy to learn architecture of the phone, there are some specifications which made me choose the Moto E over others.

First of all, the brand of Google has made a great impression on me. When Google introduced Moto E in to the Indian market, it owned Motorola Mobility(which it bought a few years ago). Google has made my life, as every one else’s, simpler. I extensively use their services on a daily basis. Knowing their penchant for quality, I knew I wanted to get one when they announced a low cost mobile phone. However, last year Google has sold off Motorola mobility to Lenovo which again is a great company. I like how Lenovo has been maintaining the same quality of Thinkpad laptops after they bought the brand from IBM. I believe that Lenovo would similarly continue producing great affordable phones under Moto brand.


Secondly, Moto E has stock android which is similar to the ones on Nexus phones. I would like to think of Moto Es as junior Nexus phones which enhances their appeal at least to me! Google promises to roll out timely updates of new versions of its android OS to Moto E. Having an open source architecture, there are millions of third party apps developed for android available in Google play store. Also, there is scope for a lot of customization when it comes to android. Also, as I use Google products daily for many things, my life would be much easier if I choose an OS developed by Google.


Thirdly, it has the necessary processing speed to perform all smart phone operations without a lag. With a 1.2 GHz Quadcore, processor with advanced graphics and 1 GB RAM, it allows seamless multi-tasking. Except if you play games that require heavy duty graphics, this processing speed is more than sufficient, as it was for my use.

There are many other cool features like, availability of thousands of great free apps for android OS. I have found great use particularly from apps like The Hindu news, Google fit, Google Audio and Video players, WordPress app which allows me to write and read blogs on the go, Evernote app again for noting down my epiphanies!, gaming apps like Subway-surfer, Google Maps, YouTube etc. Also Motorola always had great sound quality, this technology is transferred to Moto E resulting in crystal clear calls and awesome music and video experience. With a 4.5 inch screen, it is big enough for watching videos, playing games and small enough to perfectly fit in to our hands. It has a 5 mp camera in the back and a 0.3 mp camera in the front for video calling and selfies. The camera is good enough and I felt that the picture quality was better than in other phones which also have a 5 mp camera.

With these thoughts in mind, I decided to buy Moto E and ordered it on flipkart.


After excitedly opening the little compact box containing my Moto E, neatly packaged by flipkart, I dearly held my precious in my hand. I switched on the device and when the screen lit for the first time with bright white light, I suddenly felt like Gandalf, getting his staff back in LoTR. And since that day, I feel empowered holding my staff! And I was ready to do magic!


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