A great viral media campaign, but what is it alluding to…

If you spend a decent amount of your average day on twitter, you must have come accross this campaign called ‘Ek Nayi League’. In the past few years, sports in India has seen a transformation brought in by various leagues. You name a sport, we have a league attached to it- IPL, ISL, Hockey league etc They have all been super successful in capturing the attention of millions of Indians. Now, along comes a campaign announcing an ‘Ek Nayi League'(a new league in Hindi), naturally it spiked curiosity among netizens in India. It soon went viral and since been a trending topic on ‘twitter India’ for many days. Apart from that, with the great Indian cricket legend Kapil Dev being its brand ambassador and seemed to be attached to the ‘league’ in a significant way, the curiosity about what this new league is alluding to, only spiked more.

First tweet of Kapil dev after joiing twitter

Being an avid follower of news, especially sports news, i was immediately intrigued by the campaign and searched for any information about it on the internet. But alas, to no avail. I then went to see what my fellow twitterites(did I invent a new word there? anyways…) were guessing what the campaign could be about. Many tweets said that, as it is Kapil Dev who is promoting it, it would have something to do with cricket, may be he is reviving ICL(Indian cricket league) a rival to BCCI, with which he was previously connected with? Some others said, that the game of chess is the one game where the most brain power is used, may be Kapil is starting an ICL again, this time it would be ‘Indian chess league’!? Some others said that, it could be something that is not at all related to sports, may be it could be an adventure reality show, a dance competition or a singing competition.

Left confused with all these bizarre guesses, albeit fascinating ones, I decided to don my detective hat and give a crack at it. These are the clues I could gather from the tweets and the videos shared by Kapil Devji:

  • First of all Kapil Dev keeps talking about playing his ‘league’, with our head rather than our heart. Looks like the ‘game’ would demand use of our cognitive abilities more than our intuitions capacities.
  • It seems, Kapil Dev is not just a brand ambassador to the league but he is also very closely attached with the venture
  • In the advts, Kapil ‘speaks’ to mostly sports players, but he also mentioned Kapil Sharma(as Bittu), the beloved comedian and warned that even Bittu could play in his league but he should do it with his head and not with his heart!
  • He praised Sania Mirza’s achievements in a video and hoped that more women would take to sports in future

With these clues, I tried connecting the dots but the final picture was more like me trying to make my first Dosa which ended up as an unpalatable, burnt and crumpled dough, rather than a clear picture like my mom’s perfectly symmetrical Dosas. Anyhow, my guess is that the venture could involve celebrities(not just sport men/women) as players in some kind of a game which stretches for a fairly long time, since it is a league. The game could be a reality show to be broadcasted on TV, which could involve mind games to test intellectual acumen of celebrities. As Kapil Dev also mentioned about women in sports, may be the revenue from his show might go in to social causes like encouraging women in sports.

Sounds like an interesting show to me, I would totally watch it!

Ek Naya league is finally, revealing itself on May 7th. By the end of the day, we would know how close our guesses are to the real thing. I am wondering, if my guess is wrong, should I copyright my Idea and pitch it to a TV studio!?


It turns out that Kapil Dev was actually talking about a new trading startup called ‘Indian Trading League‘, in which he is one of the investor. It seems to be a trading platform which encourages Indian investors to use their ‘head’ and invest smartly, the traders will be ranked according to their returns in the league. The smartest investor of them will receive an unbelievable cash prize of Rs 1crore!

Most people I know who had invested in the stock market using their heart and emotions, rather than with a strategy ended up burning their hands. Like Paaji said, we ought to play the trading game with our head rather than our heart. Best of luck Paaji with your new innings!


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