How to deal with youth getting attracted to ISIS? Reasons for attraction

Related Info:

  • Areeb Majeed from Maharashtra is the only IS recruit who managed to return
  • Mehdi Mehboob Biswas, a Bangalore-based executive of ITC foods was arrested for running a Twitter account supporting the ISIS
  • In July the Home Ministry got all stakeholders and heads of police of 12 States to devise a strategy to deal with the threat.
  • Till now, 17 Indians are learnt to have joined the group, among them Indian Mujahideen members who had taken refuge on the Af-Pak border.
  • Nearly 20 have been stopped from joining the IS.

Reasons for Youth getting attracted to ISIS:

  • Perceived injustices to their community
  • Slow judicial process and delays in punishment in riot cases
  • Brain washing through social media with state of art audio-visual mediums
  • Many members of Indian Mujahideen have joined ISIS and they are using their network to lure Indian muslim

Suggestions by NIA to deal with it

  • National Investigation Agency (NIA) has asked the Union Home Ministry to invoke “lighter” sections of the law against young men who were stopped from joining terrorist organisations such as the Islamic State. Lighter punishment can act as a deterrent and will create the fear of the law in their minds, at the same time it would not deter parents and other family members from coming forward to report such cases
  • Potential young terror recruits should be identified and “bind-down” orders issued against them
  • The Bureau of Immigration, which records the movement of passengers to and from the country, has been asked to “study Immigration patters of Indians in a systemic manner and generate red flags”. Though it is difficult because, many Indians travel to Gulf for work and business
  • Community policing could be useful
  • A local beat constable can be of immense help in such cases where any youth is showing signs of radicalisation

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