Thoughts on Kabali teaser

I couldn’t resist any more, I have been behaving like an addict for a week now, I need to get it out of my system…

…by writing about it.

These are my thoughts on Kabali teaser which I must have watched about 50 times!

I wondered, why, out of all the previous teasers and trailers of Rajinikanth, Kabali has caught the fascination of Rajini fans like none other. The answer is pretty simple- it is the longingness and nostalgia for millions of fans, to their past “Rajani memories”. Rajini memories  are those awesome childhood memories that give you an instant high. They range from memorizing  Rajini’s pet dialogues,  imitating his every move-from a flick of his fingers to his climbing down the steps, to immersing oneself in the latest Rajini songs.

Though Rajini has done movies later in his career, any true Rajini fan would acknowledge that the years from 1991 to 1999 is Rajini’s golden era. From Baasha to Narasimha he set box office records afire, set benchmarks for an ultimate masala cinema and imprinted his name as a living legend of Indian cinema.

By offering these humongous number of ‘views’, ‘likes’, ‘tweets’, the fans of Rajini are collectively saying: “Welcome back Thalaiva, We missed you…”

Now lets go in to what the teaser has offered and what are some of the Easter eggs hidden in it.



This is clearly a Malaysian Jail, with prisoners in the background and jail officials in the foreground. Rajni is in the centre of the frame, and the police personnel stand as though they are welcoming him, I think here Rajini is walking out of the jail after serving some time. Interestingly he has the same costume here as he does when he is bashing goons later in the teaser. May be Rajini the mob boss in his twilight years after a long hiatus, has come back to town to reclaim his city-Bangkok. This is parallel to how Rajini has re-entered the arena of south Indian mass films to show who the Big Daddy is, the other stars standby as Thalaiva takes the centre stage!


I haven’t watched any previous movies of Pa.Ranjith but those who did claim that he has a great humane perspective on films and is one huge talent to watch out for. This title card in the teaser hints about the undertone political philosophy of the film. For a movie about a don, it surprisingly depicts poor and working class people in the background of the title card. The same is done inside the words “Kabali”(written in Tamil) in which the picture  of Rajini and Petronas towers are also embedded. Probably this hints that Kabali’s motivation  to became a don is to protect “his people” who probably are the poor working class Tamil migrants to Malaysia.


They say, that a setting sun(Rajini) shines the most brightest. Is it what this shot depicts?



This frame is beautiful, kudos to G. Murali the cinematographer. It shows Rajini looking stylish as ever addressing a conference of sort, in the background of a sun setting(rising?) over Bangkok skyline. Looks like, apart from being a Don, Rajini does charity work through his “Free life foundation”. The name suggests that the foundation would be working for “freedom” of his people. But what’s most fascinating here is the poster of Charlie Chaplin on the right wall. What is this supposed to mean?-not able to decipher, we need more hints Ranjit!


One of my favourite mannerisms of Rajini is how utter-devastatingly he mocks people and here we a great example of it.



See the brute force in his expression. This is the badass-muthafukin-Rajini we have missed all these days.


This scene seems to be Rajini’s take on Al-Pacino’s Godfather-1 assasination scene, which also takes place in a restaurant. The young Kabali seems to be walking out of a restaurant in the most badass way possible, holding a gun. The surprised expression on the man behind him says that a non-planned assassination must have taken moments ago. This might be the beginning of Kabali’s rise as the don-Bahubali, the beginning beware of your records, Kabali is coming with all his swag!

I am holding my breath for the trailer release of Kabali, till then…


P.S: According to some online analysts, the Youtube teaser with its 15 million+ views must have already generated Rs 25 Lakhs for the producers!




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