Singapore Food- A Gastro-Tourist’s Heaven in Far East

Here is my new obsession-Singaporean cuisine. I stumbled upon this amazing world of food when I recently visited an East Asian restaurant in Bengaluru. It was a buffet and so I had a chance to try various cuisines-thank you unknown legend for creating the Buffet concept! I liked all the East Asian food there, but Singaporean cuisine is the one which caught my fascination the most.

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Why I #ChooseToStart with the new Moto E

Pope Francis is almost right, when he says that income inequality is the most pressing problem of our age. But to that, he must also add digital inequality. In fact, as The New York Times reports, in many cases, digital inequality is leading to economic inequality in the real world. With economies becoming more digital based, economic inequality is rising as many people are falling through the cracks. Smart affordable technological solutions like Moto E are throwing ropes to the digitally challenged people to climb up to the digital plane.

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Kellogg’s ‘Anaaj ka Nashta’

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But for most of us, breakfast is also the most neglected meal of the day. We are just too lazy to get up early in the morning to make our ‘tiffins’. Also, Indian breakfasts take crazy amounts of time to prepare. Even for a simple Masala dosa a lot of processing needs to be done. You need to get your batter ready the previous evening and if you do not have a grinder at home, you need to get it done at a near by grinder-store. Then get potatoes and onions to make masala aloo curry which of couse is not enough. So we have to scramble some fresh coconuts to make the Chutney. And if some do not like it or fancy a full Dosa experience, they have to make Sambar which in itself takes a lot of time and effort. Oh gosh, even writing about the whole process, makes me tired.

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A day to remember by #together

Accidents might crush our bones and damage us physically, but only a profound failure has the might to crush our soul and make us mentally decapitated. Our body can recover from the accident by visiting the hospital, but there is no hospital to help us recover from the mental trauma that we experience from failure. At such times, our home becomes the hospital and our loved ones including the little ones and even the pets plays the role of doctor healing us without even realizing it. The medicine is of course their unconditional love, which reinvigorates us from the inside.

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The big step

When i think about the past, i can understand the present and may as well predict the future. Our childhood experiences have a profound impact on our later lives. more importantly they shape our attitudes and values. Right education for every one is necessary not only because it helps them get jobs, but because proper education inculcates the right attitudes and values in children which shape their lives from there on. For this reason, I feel that literature and humanities subjects are as, if not more, important as science and mathematics subjects for a child.

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Keeping Aanya happy

Two years ago my Cousin who lives in California USA, visited India. She brought her one year daughter, Aanya along with her. Annya was as cute as a button. Everyone who visited the home wanted to cuddle and pamper her. As it was Aanya’s first trip to India, her immunity was not as strong as those born here and she was not yet vaccinated. Also Aanya was very sneaky, she had already learned walking and was always bursting with energy, so she could not stay still.  Being a doctor and a mother, my cousin was worried about Aanya’s health.

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A ‘sweet’ story to help you stay optimistic

In this godforsaken place that we call our home, humans have done some atrocious things. It is easy to become a cynic now, more than ever. We have to literally wade through a foul heap of depressing, horrifying and inhuman stories that fill up the pages of our newspapers, to find that one heart warming story that helps you stay optimistic and keep dreaming about a better tomorrow for humanity.

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