Destroying Stereotypes Joke by Joke

As i have mentioned in the previous article, in recent years Indian origin people are entering in to diverse sectors. They are now many prominent financial experts, lawyers, politicians, media persons, doctors, entrepreneurs etc.

Out of them, the Indian origin comedians have emerged as the most potent actors engaged in changing the image of India and Indians. This article tells you who they are and why that is so.

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Everybody loves a Desi!

Shout out to all Non-resident Indians(NRI) and Persons of Indian origin(PIO) living abroad!

Do you know that your mother country celebrates your achievements and your contribution to development of India each year for three whole days. They have named it as the PBD-Pravasi Bharatiya Divas(Non-resident Indian Day) and it has grown to be kind of a big deal. I assume its importance will grow in years to come as you guys are becoming a more and more important factor in India’s rise economically, politically and diplomatically.

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