Urbanization Issues in India


For the first time since 1921, urban India has added more numbers to its population in a decade than rural India. As the country continues on its path of modernization, the percentage of urban population will continue to rise over the rural population. This poses unique challenges to the country which needs to be tackled carefully and immediately.

The reasons for this increase in urbanization are many. For one, people are migrating in large numbers to urban areas, this could be either due to increase in opportunities available in urban areas or it could be due to distress migration in which rural people migrate to cities for lack of opportunities in rural areas and drying up of farm income.

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Making Railways safer


Indian railway has been an integral part of India’s culture and the back bone to our country’s infrastructure. Indian Railways is playing a huge role in our country’s efforts to become more connected and more prosperous. However, train accidents occur at regular intervals causing many deaths and destruction. Although Kakodkar committee’s report on rail safety points out that the year on year number of accidents is decreasing but the number of casualties has increased, there is still a lot to be desired in terms of rail safety. The committee recommended funding up to Rs 1L cr to make Railways safer.
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