Book review: Ramayana The Game of Life- Shattered Dreams

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Apparently, this is my first book review through a blog post. What better book to start writing book reviews than a book on the greatest epic of all time- Ramayana, the story of Lord Ramabhadra(The auspicious one).

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A shot at being Vishvakarman

This post won me my first win in a contest(though won many IB HH’s). Thanks Blogadda & India Today.



Who has not dreamed of a better life for themselves? Well, we all do it, all the time.

It’s 9 o’Clock in the morning and i have already wished I was more fitter,  wished India had not lost that terrible 2007 world cup final and imagined my moto G turning in to an iphone 6!

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Making full of the #Secondchance in life

It was 2.30 am in the dead of the night on that fateful day when my world turned upside down. I was sitting in the back seat of the car-Toyota Fortuner(Oh the irony!) galloping at 140 kmph on the Vijayawada-Hyderabad highway.

I was in the prime of my youth charting out an independent career for myself. Ever since i left my MBA college, every professional step I took was aimed to take me nearer to my dream of making Big as an entrepreneur. And finally it was happening. After half a dozen trips to Arab and African countries exploring for new opportunities, i have zeroed in on a venture in India itself.

That day, me and my partner-a close friend SRC(his initials), had our first client meeting in Vijayawada. We were ecstatic that the meeting went well and had even planned to celebrate it. We also had other engagements in Hyderabad the next day and so, though we were tired, we decide to get back to the city travelling through the night.

This is where my memory of that night starts getting fuzzy. Doctors say that due to the traumatic incident which had put severe pressure on me mentally, i might have repressed the incident. I remember sitting with my laptop in the car working on the next day’s engagements, while SRC was driving. My last memory of the night was me and SRC talking merrily with high enthusiasm as we were in high spirits after our successful meet.

I was bed ridden for 6 months in the hospital in which i was in coma for one full month. After i woke up, i had no memory of the night and didn’t know what was happening. Later I learned that, our car had met with an accident. Because of a faulty road design, a road divider jutted on to the road haphazardly without any marking on it. SRC might have not expected such a sudden disruption on the road and within a split second our car rammed in to it at a very high speed. Some good Samaritans travelling in another car behind us, pulled us out of the tangled metal and brought us to the hospital.

To shield me from any shock, doctors hid from me for several months that SRC had died of injuries on the accident night itself. SRC was such a promising bright talent and a loving humane person that we cannot but be bewildered at the cruel working of our fate.

Initially doctors thought that i would be losing one of my leg and i would not be able to walk again. But they were able to recover me to a great extent after many operations and constant care. There are many parts of my body where, if the injury had occurred a centimeter away from the actual place, many nerves and ligaments would have been damaged and i would not have walked again. Doctors say that, i would be able to walk again but there would be a little limp in my walk. Though some metal rods would be part of my body from now.

I strongly believe that life has given me a rare second chance which most people involved in such accidents do not get and i intend to make full use of it.

There are three things that i always wanted to do and now i am not putting them off anymore:

  • To become an entrepreneur: Becoming an entrepreneur is my dream and i will not allow this setback to hinder my ambitions. The understanding that, it cannot get any worse than the situation that i was in after the accident, liberates me from any fear of risk. I feel i have become more courageous and can take decisions in equanimity.
  • To spend more time with family and friends: The near death experience and the care and love that my family gave to me, made me realign my priorities in life. In my youthful exuberance and the drive to prove my self, the quality of time I spent with my family got effected. I will use my second chance to have a more balanced life including taking better care of myself
  • To live life to the fullest: The accident humbled me and reminded me of the fragility of life. I now fully understand the wisdom in the saying ‘“Live each day as if it’s your last’. The first chance that we get is when we are receive the gift of life. I think those people are the most successful who takes the most advantage of this gift of life and are able to reach their utmost potential in every sphere of life. It also reminds us that we live for a very short period of time on this planet and that we should make the most out of it and take life less seriously.

This is a true life incident of my good friend SB(initials). The story is his and the words are mine.

This post is a part of the #SecondChance activity at BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance. Youth is the age of hope and becoming excited about what life has to offer beyond the horizon. We seldom think about death and how it may affect others around us, we simply do not have time nor interest for such gloomy thoughts. This attitude towards the question of ‘life and death’ makes us less excited to take an insurance policy. Looking at insurance as just another investment option needs to change. We forget to think that we are mortals too and that the forces of life and death are at every corner, over which we have little control.

I appreciate MaxLife and Blogadda for taking this initiative to create awareness about the importance of life insurance and for highlighting that we rarely get a second chance in life. But when you do, make sure that you make it fully count.

It is our battle too…

Gillette’s social campaign against the unidimensional  labelling of women and the response it is receiving is itself a great testimony to the rise of women voices.

This is the result of decades of incessant struggle led by feminists from all over the world. As a male, i do not have the first hand experience of those women whose potential had been limited by these labels, which can only be understood by walking in their shoes.

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The Goddess of Wealth and Valour

Kamala had been the apple of her parents’ eyes, since her birth. She grew up in a very warm environment under the care of her loving parents.

From the day, Kamala opened her eyes for the first time in this bright and beautiful world, her father’s luck changed. On the day of Kamala’s birth, her father was not at the hospital, which he regrets to this day. But on that day he successfully negotiated a business deal which changed his fate forever. Whatever business he did in his daughter’s name, it turned out to be successful. Her family believed that Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and fortune, herself was born in their house, so they named the baby girl Kamala which means lotus in Sanskrit, it is another name for Goddess Lakshmi.

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