A day to remember by #together

Accidents might crush our bones and damage us physically, but only a profound failure has the might to crush our soul and make us mentally decapitated. Our body can recover from the accident by visiting the hospital, but there is no hospital to help us recover from the mental trauma that we experience from failure. At such times, our home becomes the hospital and our loved ones including the little ones and even the pets plays the role of doctor healing us without even realizing it. The medicine is of course their unconditional love, which reinvigorates us from the inside.

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The big step

When i think about the past, i can understand the present and may as well predict the future. Our childhood experiences have a profound impact on our later lives. more importantly they shape our attitudes and values. Right education for every one is necessary not only because it helps them get jobs, but because proper education inculcates the right attitudes and values in children which shape their lives from there on. For this reason, I feel that literature and humanities subjects are as, if not more, important as science and mathematics subjects for a child.

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A ‘sweet’ story to help you stay optimistic

In this godforsaken place that we call our home, humans have done some atrocious things. It is easy to become a cynic now, more than ever. We have to literally wade through a foul heap of depressing, horrifying and inhuman stories that fill up the pages of our newspapers, to find that one heart warming story that helps you stay optimistic and keep dreaming about a better tomorrow for humanity.

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