India’s role in Korean war

Technically, the Korean war is still on as there was never a final end of war peace agreement, but just a temporary armistice was signed.

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Role of India in WW1 and WW2 and what are its effects on India

India and World War 1

WW1’s significance for India

  1. The world war ended the myth of invincibility of British Empire in India as the British faced many humiliating defeats during the war
  2. The soldiers that returned after war raised the morale of masses.
  3. India supported Britain in world war on its promise of fighting for democracy but serving Indian with Rowlat act immediately after war shattered Indians. This led to the rise of national consciousness and soon Non Cooperation movement was launched.
  4. Formation of USSR also led to the rise of communism in India with the formation of CPI and imparted a socialist tinge to freedom struggle.

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Hiding India’s daughter

Now that the whole charade of drama regarding Leslee Udwin’s documentary, India’s daughter, has ended, with all the usual suspects playing their parts, with the script unfolding with its share of turns and trite dialogues, let us look back at all the ridiculousness that had happened with the release of the documentary(this post is a review of that drama, if you will).

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The Death of a Free Thinker in Bangladesh #WordsCannotBeKilled

Avijit Roy a young Bangladeshi intellectual and writer had been receiving death threats from religious fanatics for years now. But these failed to stop him from expressing his explosive views on religion through his blog and books. His conviction in his ideas was clear and unshakable. He knew how important his writings were for the future of his country which was steadily becoming radicalized. He was ready to pay the ultimate prize with his life, to save from the religious takeover of his country and protect its secular ethos. Undeterred by the threats and having full cognizance of the demands, he declared that- “If we have to give blood, we have to give blood” for the movement.

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#1000SPEAK FOR COMPASSION, comapassion as motivation

I recently watched, one of the most painful video on youtube, shared on my news feed. The first time I watched it,  I had to stop it after the goon slapped and kicked the girl like a street dog. Then after a few days it reappeared on my feed and I decided not to hide behind my selective blindness which makes me see only the feel-good things about my country. I made myself watch the full video-a sample of the ugliness lurking in my great India. After the end of the video my eyes welled up, my blood boiled and I felt helpless.

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Destroying Stereotypes Joke by Joke

As i have mentioned in the previous article, in recent years Indian origin people are entering in to diverse sectors. They are now many prominent financial experts, lawyers, politicians, media persons, doctors, entrepreneurs etc.

Out of them, the Indian origin comedians have emerged as the most potent actors engaged in changing the image of India and Indians. This article tells you who they are and why that is so.

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