A day to remember by #together

Accidents might crush our bones and damage us physically, but only a profound failure has the might to crush our soul and make us mentally decapitated. Our body can recover from the accident by visiting the hospital, but there is no hospital to help us recover from the mental trauma that we experience from failure. At such times, our home becomes the hospital and our loved ones including the little ones and even the pets plays the role of doctor healing us without even realizing it. The medicine is of course their unconditional love, which reinvigorates us from the inside.

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Love for introverts

Ah! the most dreadful day of the year-valentine’s day is upon us. For introverts like me it is indeed a dreadful day. It is the time of the year, our friends are falling head over heels in ‘love’, while we are left to stew in our own loneliness. This is because of many reasons, Some of us are shy and some of us are waiting for the right person. Usually this solitude is the most valuable thing in the world for us. But there are some days especially valentine’s day when you feel a little bit left out and not a big fan of loneliness!

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