Keeping Aanya happy

Two years ago my Cousin who lives in California USA, visited India. She brought her one year daughter, Aanya along with her. Annya was as cute as a button. Everyone who visited the home wanted to cuddle and pamper her. As it was Aanya’s first trip to India, her immunity was not as strong as those born here and she was not yet vaccinated. Also Aanya was very sneaky, she had already learned walking and was always bursting with energy, so she could not stay still.  Being a doctor and a mother, my cousin was worried about Aanya’s health.

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Baby sleep

When Bombay Jayashri became the first carnatic singer to be nominated for an  Academy Award for Best Original Song the country rejoiced for her recognition. She was nominated for her song Pi’s Lullaby in the oscar winning movie Life of Pi. She wrote in her blog that the inspiration for the song came from director Ang Lee’s conceptualization of a mother’s lullaby to her child. The song was designed to evoke a sense of safety in the child. Her exact words being, “A child sleeps not because he is sleepy, but because he feels safe”.

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