Thoughts on The Sopranos season one

Being a huge fan of American-Italian gangster movies(Goodfellas is my all time favorite movie), I regret not seeing this television masterpiece, until this week. The Sopranos is regarded by many as the greatest tv show of all time. It is also one of the highest rated show on imdb website. I was thinking of watching The Sopranos since many years, but the lead mob character did not ‘look’ charming to me and frankly, I thought it was just a TV show-it could not be the Godfather. Finally, this week I binge watched the show and I just have one thing to say: it certainly is worthy of the hype it had generated since its first episode aired in 1999.

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Glimpses of China beyond the Wall in ‘I’

Finally I got to see Shankar’s ‘I’, one week after it was released. The film was released in only one theater in my town and as it was Sankranti, people were literally fighting over each other at 6 am in the morning to get its tickets. They seem to be more enthusiastic about the film than me and so I convinced myself that they deserve to watch it before me(I was too lazy to get up that early)! At last I got an entry in the afternoon on a Wednesday. As I was watching the movie several thoughts occurred to me. One of it was about ‘China and films’.

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Asus all the way!

Full disclosure: I am not a tech reviewer nor am i an avid tech enthusiast. You may think that this would discount my qualification to offer you advice on your computing choice. But let me tell you, I have been in your shoes and and had felt similar apprehensions and dilemmas that you might be feeling right now. Eventually, after a lot of research and several first hand experiences I can effectively address your concerns without throwing a bunch of jargons on your face.

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Gone Girl review

Another master piece or reinforcing female stereotypes?

I just needed to know one thing about this movie after which I decided to watch it: It’s a David Fincher film and I was sold. Fincher has directed such masterpieces like Seven, Fighclub, Zodiac and The girl with dragon tattoo. His movies demand a certain level of cognitive and attentional capacities to fully grasp the film. But his stories are so engaging that we put that extra efforts ourselves to understand the film-i call this the ‘pull factor’ of films.

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