The Goddess of Wealth and Valour

Kamala had been the apple of her parents’ eyes, since her birth. She grew up in a very warm environment under the care of her loving parents.

From the day, Kamala opened her eyes for the first time in this bright and beautiful world, her father’s luck changed. On the day of Kamala’s birth, her father was not at the hospital, which he regrets to this day. But on that day he successfully negotiated a business deal which changed his fate forever. Whatever business he did in his daughter’s name, it turned out to be successful. Her family believed that Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and fortune, herself was born in their house, so they named the baby girl Kamala which means lotus in Sanskrit, it is another name for Goddess Lakshmi.

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The myth of liberal Pakistani

Replace lawyer with liberal, and you get the same picture

From the ashes of the Peshawar attack, there seems to have arisen a new solidarity among Pakistan citizens. The country had in a common voice condemned this dastardly attack on innocent children. All over the country, unprecedented protests against the Mullahs was seen and condemnation of extremist elements of the society was observed. For the first time, protesters surrounded the infamous Red mosque and held a candle light vigil in front of it. The Red Mosque in Islamabad(capital of Pakistan) openly sympathizes with the Taliban. They justify the gruesome violence of terrorists invoking religion and calls those killed by their own military as martyrs. The Red Mosque teaches its followers the same ideology as that held by the Taliban making it a breeding recruitment center for terror groups. In fact the only difference between the Red mosque Mullahs and the terrorists is an open armed conflict with the state.

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The Good girl, the Bad girl and the ugly society


The construct of a an ideal good girl differs from culture to culture. Each culture has their unique conception and norms about how a good girl ought to be and behave. For example: An Arab might think of a girl driving her car is bad and so deserves punishment. Recently in Iran  a girl was arrested for attending a men’s volleyball match. Such seemingly irrational norms(for outsiders) are present in all countries and cultures. Mormons in USA discourage a women to work outside the house, Indian Khap Panchayats ban jeans and mobile phones for girls lest they turn them in to bad girls!

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