Why I #ChooseToStart with the new Moto E

Pope Francis is almost right, when he says that income inequality is the most pressing problem of our age. But to that, he must also add digital inequality. In fact, as The New York Times reports, in many cases, digital inequality is leading to economic inequality in the real world. With economies becoming more digital based, economic inequality is rising as many people are falling through the cracks. Smart affordable technological solutions like Moto E are throwing ropes to the digitally challenged people to climb up to the digital plane.

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Valentines day and my phone

Unconditional love is one of the most treasured, but also one of the rarest thing in the world. Unconditional love is accepting others as they are without attaching any ‘strings’ as conditions for loving them. As the world is becoming more and more materialistic, people’s thinking is being influenced by their attachment to material things and so are becoming bereft of emoting unconditional love. Also as life has become so fast paced, people simply do not have time to invest in long term relationships.

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Is the era of Man ending before it is getting started?

Recently Geologists have declared that the era of Holocene has ended with the simultaneous start of a new epoch- the Anthropocene.

Anthropocene era is said to have begun when humans started to significantly affect the ecosystems of the globe. We can say that, it began when man started to completely dominate other species and started to affect the climate and geology on a global scale. Many scientists believe that the development of nuclear weapons around 1940 and their first test-called the Manhattan project, symbolically marks the start of the Anthropocene era.

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Buying and selling just got Quikr!kr

I have been an active user of Quikr since they pioneered a new revolution in the classifieds market. Using the tools of information technology and mobile technology they have made it easier for buyers and sellers to find each other by creating a great platform to do business.

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Asus all the way!

Full disclosure: I am not a tech reviewer nor am i an avid tech enthusiast. You may think that this would discount my qualification to offer you advice on your computing choice. But let me tell you, I have been in your shoes and and had felt similar apprehensions and dilemmas that you might be feeling right now. Eventually, after a lot of research and several first hand experiences I can effectively address your concerns without throwing a bunch of jargons on your face.

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High Speed trains in India




Maglev train in China.


High growth rates of an economy depend on the quality of infrastructure available. Railways have long been synonymous with development and modernization. High speed passenger trains reduces travel time of passengers, this improves the productivity of the economy.

India is also contemplating the development of a high speed train network on the lines of Japan and China. Basically, there are two types of high speed trains: Bullet trains and Maglev trains.
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