Thoughts on The Sopranos season one

Being a huge fan of American-Italian gangster movies(Goodfellas is my all time favorite movie), I regret not seeing this television masterpiece, until this week. The Sopranos is regarded by many as the greatest tv show of all time. It is also one of the highest rated show on imdb website. I was thinking of watching The Sopranos since many years, but the lead mob character did not ‘look’ charming to me and frankly, I thought it was just a TV show-it could not be the Godfather. Finally, this week I binge watched the show and I just have one thing to say: it certainly is worthy of the hype it had generated since its first episode aired in 1999.

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#1000SPEAK FOR COMPASSION, comapassion as motivation

I recently watched, one of the most painful video on youtube, shared on my news feed. The first time I watched it,  I had to stop it after the goon slapped and kicked the girl like a street dog. Then after a few days it reappeared on my feed and I decided not to hide behind my selective blindness which makes me see only the feel-good things about my country. I made myself watch the full video-a sample of the ugliness lurking in my great India. After the end of the video my eyes welled up, my blood boiled and I felt helpless.

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Love for introverts

Ah! the most dreadful day of the year-valentine’s day is upon us. For introverts like me it is indeed a dreadful day. It is the time of the year, our friends are falling head over heels in ‘love’, while we are left to stew in our own loneliness. This is because of many reasons, Some of us are shy and some of us are waiting for the right person. Usually this solitude is the most valuable thing in the world for us. But there are some days especially valentine’s day when you feel a little bit left out and not a big fan of loneliness!

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Basic Psychology knowledge every leader must know-Part 2

Freewill vs determinism

Having freedom and being in charge of our own lives is one of the most cherished values in life. But how many of us are really free? Do people act according to their own volition and make efforts towards reaching their potential? Or are they human androids programmed by society and genes?

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Basic Psychology knowledge every leader must know-Part 1


Our mind is probably the least understood object in the world. Scientists are now able to look deep inside sub atomic particles and are zooming their telescopes in to the farthest corners of the universe. But they are not even close to figuring out that thing which enables us to do such remarkable thinking-our brain. Questions concerning mind, consciousness and brain have been studied since thousands of years. Our ancient schools of philosophy like Sankhya and Mimamsa have studied such questions through observation and introspection and gave their theories about mind and consciousness. Scientific psychology in west started in late 19th century, since then, the objective understanding of our brain and behavior has increased tremendously.

This series of articles will collate knowledge about human mind and behavior from various disciplines to give the general public simple yet comprehensive insights in to their’s and others’ mind and behavior.