Valentines day and my phone

Unconditional love is one of the most treasured, but also one of the rarest thing in the world. Unconditional love is accepting others as they are without attaching any ‘strings’ as conditions for loving them. As the world is becoming more and more materialistic, people’s thinking is being influenced by their attachment to material things and so are becoming bereft of emoting unconditional love. Also as life has become so fast paced, people simply do not have time to invest in long term relationships.

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My first Indimeet experience

I went to my first indimeet all the way from vishakapatnam and it was worth every kilometer that I had to travel to reach the meet-1009 kilometers to be precise(sorry but I think I earned the right to boast a little about it). The meet was conducted by indiblogger along with Asus as part of the digital marketing campaign for the launch of new Asus products- a lappy and a PC about which the invitees had written some awesome articles.

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Asus all the way!

Full disclosure: I am not a tech reviewer nor am i an avid tech enthusiast. You may think that this would discount my qualification to offer you advice on your computing choice. But let me tell you, I have been in your shoes and and had felt similar apprehensions and dilemmas that you might be feeling right now. Eventually, after a lot of research and several first hand experiences I can effectively address your concerns without throwing a bunch of jargons on your face.

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